Kristin Malek: Inclusion & Diversity Keynote Speaker

Kristin Malek is not just a keynote speaker; she is a force of change, a champion for inclusivity, and a passionate advocate for diversity in the workplace and beyond. With a career dedicated to breaking down barriers and uplifting underserved communities, Kristin has become a prominent figure in the world of keynote speaking.

Kristin Malek

Keynote Speaker & Diversity Champion

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A Visionary Trailblazer and Advocate for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

With an unwavering commitment to creating a brighter and more equitable future, Kristin Malek stands at the forefront of the movement, forging change through her unparalleled expertise in workplace diversity education. Through a captivating presence and empowering message, she ignites a flame within every individual, urging them to embrace the power of diversity and drive transformative impact in their organizations. Be inspired as she takes us on a journey toward a future where inclusivity and diversity are the guiding principles, ensuring success for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

From important conversations about inequity and discrimination to discussions about how businesses can boost their resilience in an unpredictable world, the need to build a fairer and more inclusive society has never been higher on the agenda. A more diverse America is one where every individual can thrive, every community can flourish, and every business—no matter who owns or runs it—can succeed.

An Impressive Track Record and Passion for Inclusion.

Kristin Malek brings over 16 years of senior leadership experience, establishing her as an expert in diversity growth and development. As Director of Field Projects for a Fortune 200 company, she spearheaded the organization’s diversity objectives, initiatives, and strategies while focusing on optimization and localization. Recently, as Chief Operating Officer for a National Nonprofit, Kristin led the vision and strategy in collaboration with the National Board of Directors. She prioritized strategic partnerships, enhancing the organization’s impact. Kristin resides in Chicago with her two daughters and contributes to the Superintendent’s Strategic Planning Committee for School District 70. With her impressive track record and passion for diversity and inclusion, Kristin Malek continues to be a leader, driving meaningful transformation in organizations and communities alike.

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Dear Workplace Podcast

Why Diversity in Supply Chain Matters with Kristin Malek
Kristin Malek recently appeared on The Dear Workplace Podcast, where she shared her expertise in supplier diversity. With two decades of experience, including her role as Global Director of Business Diversity at CDW, Kristin discussed the often overlooked value that diversity brings to businesses and supply chains. She also explored how diversity benefits companies and communities and shared strategies for effective leadership in this crucial area.

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One of the most successful national speakers and thought leaders on diversity, equity & inclusion!

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